Visual Storytellers. Ringleaders. Creators of Heroes.

The world of animation, video production, motion graphics, and visual effects has a strong allure that draws many to the field. Unfortunately, having any innate artistic talent or even an eye for design is not a prerequisite for grabbing a computer and learning a video or design software. Possessing this essential talent and aesthetic sensitivity, however, is precisely what sets TR Creative and their collection of trusted partners apart.

We’re designed for the client and modeled after reality.

With our strong strategic alliances and talented bullpen of specialists, most anything under the visual communications umbrella is on our “can-do” list. That list is focused on three specific areas of services.

  • Content Strategy - Decisions on your project should be made with a purpose. We help identify and define these decisions in order to assure your project meets your goals and objectives.
  • Channel Strategy - Specific to Digital Signage Applications. We help identify and define your digital signage network, channels, and content.
  • Digital Asset StrategyManufacturing-centric – By leveraging your engineering investment, we utilize your CAD data to visualize, explain, and promote your product throughout various channels.
  • Creative Direction – We formulate the ideas, concepts and direction that drive the unique communications/copy.
  • Copywriting – We distill all relevant information into both an effective and creative message.
  • Art Direction – We establish the overall look and feel of the design helping to drive the message.
  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • Visualization
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Audio/Sound Design

We deliver content that integrates into your company, tells your story, speaks your brand and becomes a part of the critical communication. And once we deliver, you’ll be a hero.

Chris Holm
Co-Founder & Creative Director

A hands-on, design-driven director with more than 20 years creative and design experience.

Chris is an accomplished painter/sculptor. Most days, however, his canvas is a monitor and his paints are pixels. With a foundation built on a double major in fine arts and interactive computer graphics from Arizona State University, Chris has expanded his talents to include strategy, directing, producing, developing unique media concepts, messaging and design of motion-based content and advertising. He has led high-profile communication projects for clients such as Steris Corporation, ABB, The Cleveland Clinic, Lubrizol, Lowe’s, The Cleveland Indians, and numerous casino’s including the new launch of OKADA Manila, Wynn Resorts, Venetian/Palazzo (Vegas and Macau), Hard Rock, and Maryland Live!


Mark Schroeder
Co-Founder & Art Director

A very tall art director with more than 12 years animation and design experience.

Mark graduated from the artists’ art school, the highly acclaimed Cleveland Institute of Art, where he earned a BFA in T.I.M.E. (Technology and Integrated Media Environment). His fine arts degree infuses an impeccable aesthetic quality to everything he touches. He approaches each project as a communications challenge, forming visuals that captivate, compel and convey each client’s message. Light, color, shape and perspective are all elements he expertly blends in his constant drive and passion to bring beauty to all spectrums of media. He’s both a skilled technologist and an artistic perfectionist. Quite the formidable combination.


The Team

The foundation of our business model is the specialists that make up our team on any given project. We combine our experienced leadership with an unprecedented level of customization so you get the right team for a specific project and its specific needs. Here are some of the skills our specialists bring to the table: Agency-Level Creative Direction, Product Positioning, Campaign Development, Copy Writing and Art Direction. Designers, Illustrators, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Character Designers, 2D Design and Motion Graphics Animators, Stop Motion Animators, 3D Modelers, Texture and Lighting Specialists, 3D Animators with specialization in: Character, Technical Direction & Rigging, Camera/General Animation, and Special Effects – fluids/particles/dynamics, Video Production Specialists - DP, Videographers, Editors, and Sound Designers.

No more of the old reality of making due with talent that might not fit the bill, no more panic on being overstaffed or understaffed, no more high overhead that jacks up our pricing…just a streamlined, flexible structure with the best talent.

Industry partners we've worked with along the way.